Customer Care and spare parts

The Benati story is back in motion, starting from what used to be the primary characteristic of the original company: the technical assistance and the supply of spare parts. We are able to deliver most of the parts for the Benati machines still in activity: axles and transmissions, brakes, hydrodynamic parts, undercarriages, shovels, tires, and many more parts that tend to deteriorate in earthmoving machines. If you own a Benati machine that needs a fundamental part to be replaced, Benati is the name to call!! We are the only ones able to deliver you the original Benati parts. Benati Group is the only company that can guarantee the technical originality of the parts for the Benati, Ben, Mond-Ben machines.

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Benati Group


    Phone: +39 0542 22 038
    Fax: +39 0542 61 06 23
    Mobile: +39 339 7350609
    Via San Pier Grisologo 26
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    Tel.: +41 91 942 01 55
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