The international activity


 In the 1980's the Benati Group was the second-largest Italian exporter of earthmoving machinery. Key factors for Benati's success in the international markets were certainly its wide range of products and the placement of Benati technicians abroad: the first allowed the 55 foreign dealers to respond effectively to the costumers' demand; the latter were placed in all the strategic areas around the world and helped local dealers in technically assisting the costumers.
Foreign sales were supported by the commercial direction for foreign markets that used to sell directly and keep the connection with the 55 dealers and the two foreign branches: Benati UK and Benati USA..

The foreign dealers were located in the following continents and countries:

AFRICA: Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Libya.
EUROPE: Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland, Malta.
MIDDLE EAST: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Iran.
ASIA: Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Manymar, Hong Kong.
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Perù, Uruguay, Ecuador.

Benati UK was in charge of sales in the United Kingdom and in Ireland. Benati USA dealt with sales and costumers assistance for what concerned North America; some machines were built with specific features for the American market, and obtained a good success. Benati USA had its headquarters in Maryland, and dealers where available in the following States: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Texas.
Some technical-commercial collaborations with foreign business partners were particularly meaningful in order to maintain a significant presence in the relative markets. Also, Benati was able to increase the promotion of its machines if abroad markets by selling its products to large Italian companies (Saipem, Impregilo, etc.) involved in big contract work with foreign governments.
In Argentina, the Tortone S.A., headquartered in Cordoba, Argentina and currently still in business, used to build several models of crawler excavators using design and know-how from the main Benati factories in Imola. About a hundred BEN branded machines were sold in Argentina every year.