Life of the founder: Renato Bacchini

Renato Bacchini (Imola, November 30th 1916 – Imola September 26th 1983) was an Italian entrepreneur, founder of Benati Spa and Benati Group.
Born in Imola, he attended the public schools of his hometown until he earned an high school degree in accounting. He then enrolled in the Department of Economics and Business at the University of Bologna. During WWII he was first an officer of the Alpine, then moved to the Italian Air Force in 1942. Scout pilot, Lieutenant and later Captain, he distinguished himself in several war actions and was recognized the Silver Campaign Medal.

He then married Marta Mondini (1921 – 1985), daughter of two construction entrepreneurs.
Professional accountant, in 1961 he founded the joint stock company Benati Spa (later sparred by the Benati Group), specialized in earthmoving machines construction, leading it to be by the 1980's the second largest Italian company in the sector (only surpassed by FIAT), both in production and sales. He suddenly died in September 1983. In 1984 Confindustria (the Italian industry federation) named its branch in Imola after him, and in 2001 a street was dedicated to him by the Municipality of Imola.